When I first wrote this cover letter years ago and read it to my friends, family, and colleagues, most of them thought I was either nuts or just some cocky show-off. But this cover letter is special because it’s a no-holds-barred introduction to who I am as a person and as a worker.

I knew that if someone didn’t like the cover letter, they weren’t going to like me. This letter was the quickest way for some of the best employers to determine that I was the person ready to take them to new heights. See below and let me know what you think!

“My resume is great, my references are wonderful, but this letter will give you a better indication of my strengths, past experiences, and future potential. If this letter resounds well with you, if it excites you, if it makes you want to jump up and see who this person is, then you have just struck gold in your search for a sales person. Read on…

I have done sales since I was 13 years old. In those “boiler room” settings selling coupon books and newspaper subscriptions amongst 40 year olds, I learned something: I’m good at sales. Who knew? Here I was, just a kid, consistently selling more than twice as many as everyone else.

After high school, I took a job as a telemarketer for a software QA firm. I’d never sold “Q/A” before, but my boss saw something special in me during the interview. I absolutely blew this guy away, booked him more appointments than he could handle, and was deemed “The Golden Child of Telemarketing.”

A couple years later and ready for the corporate atmosphere, I got another telemarketing job generating leads for job posting sales. Within one month, I was promoted to my first official inside sales position selling online recruitment tools. Again, surrounded by people twice my age, with decades of experience and lofty degrees, I was making $69K (in 2005), blowing out my numbers, and my manager there nicknamed me “The Star” (Reference letters attached).

Now years, college, and promotions later, there are more experiences I could list, but here’s the bottom line: when the bar is raised for me, I rise to the occasion. When goals are set, I blow them out of the water. When my mind is stimulated and my heart engaged, I make amazing things happen. Growing up, I was taught to “be a leader, not a follower,” to “drive the boat,” and have “balls of steel” (yes, SO embarrassing, but conveys that I grew up bold, I take risks, I am passionate, and I am strong).

I’m not looking for a job; I’m looking for an opportunity to blow you away. I’m looking to work for a company that knows how to recognize an individual’s strengths, abilities, “switches” and utilize them to further its growth and success. I can’t stand gossip, wasted talent, idle minds, and negativity. I thrive in environments that are effused with positivity, constructive chaos, competitive challenges, deadlines screaming, ideas turning into action, minds working, people engaging…these things are like coal in my locomotive. The steam that results will blow you away.

I would never settle for being another “brick in the wall” in an organization. I want a company that is not looking for an employee to just dial the phones and make the numbers, but also someone to contribute to the entire organization, excite and inspire those around them, and hit the ground running on every challenge presented. I want a company that has goals, direction, and foresight. I want a company with outstanding leadership, passionate managers and mentors, and down-to-earth mentalities. And if you are reading this letter, it means I want you.

I’ve got the drive; I’ve got the guts; I’ve got the “hey, baby” attitude you’re looking for. That coupled with my successful experience, brilliant mind and aptitude, phenomenal ethics and integrity will take you places. If you’ve read this far and you’ve got that feeling that tells you you’ve at least got to see what this girl’s all about, I’ll look forward to our interview.”


Melissa Anne Strawn

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